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I’ve never been the type to want to live a large lifestyle. And the past few years I’ve focused on living simply more than ever.

As you might know the “tiny house” movement has become pretty popular in the past few years and is an interesting topic to discuss with some.

The typical American home is said to be about 2,600 square feet. The typical tiny home is between 100 and 500 square feet. I have been wanting to build our own tiny home ever since I heard about this movement (and later on saw the documentary Tiny.)

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In one week Garrett and I will be moving into a little cottage in the Central Valley of California that is around 600 square feet. Though it’s not exactly a “tiny” home it is almost half of the square footage that we are used to living in. We have packed up and stored some of our things and donated the rest. We’re only taking with us what will fit in our little honda element. (And the majority of that will be dresses for the etsy shop.)

I’m so excited for this next adventure. We will be living across the driveway from my parents who currently have bee’s, chickens, quail, alpacas, and of course cats and dogs. There’s land for our dogs to roam around on, a vegetable garden in the back, and fruit trees to graze off of. And the location is perfect. In about two hours or so you can be in almost any climate. Mountains, city, beach, desert, etc.

After moving to California we will be spending a month in New York for the rock opera Garrett co-authored. And in the fall we will be on a month long tour through the north west also doing the rock opera gig.

We are so blessed to have these opportunities. And we plan on keeping you updated on all of these adventures we will be having.

Between all of the traveling I will be working on posts about the new hobbies I plan on learning, our exercise routine (including the yoga we’ve been trying to practice 6 days a week), places to visit while in California, DIY’s, and much more!

So keep your eyes out and if you’re interested, follow along on my personal instagram @brittdesherwood


Bohemian Weaving

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Did we tell you that we were featured in Bohemian Magazine?!
Well we were! You can find us in the “On Trend” section of their Summer 2015 edition. Pick up your copy currently on sale at Barnes & Nobel, Target, CVS and more!

And we’ve added more weavings to the shop! Get’em here while they’re hot!

Natural Deodorant

The other day I realized that I hadn’t worn deodorant in months. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had touched the stuff. Obviously I hadn’t really needed it or else I would have smelled my self or someone would have said something, right? Either way, it threw me in a panic. “What if I’ve smelt this whole time and no one told me?!” So I instantly started smelling myself. I think I was ok…? Who really knows!?! I went to put deodorant on and realized I didn’t even have any in the house.


So I did what I do for most things I need to buy, I got on amazon and tried to find some. I’ve been really weird about what goes into and onto my body lately. If I even think about eating certain foods my body cringes. And same goes for thinking about putting a deodorant full of chemicals on my skin. So I searched “natural deodorant.” Everything was $12-$34. And remember, I’m a cheapo. So I started looking for things around the house I could use and recipes online for an all natural, good smelling, deodorant. Here’s what I came up with.

For a basic simple deodorant:

6 Tablespoons coconut oil
4 Tablespoons arrowroot
4 Tablespoons baking soda
essential oils (I did lemon and lavender.)
Mix the arrowroot and baking soda together. Add the coconut oil and mix until it is all blended and add the oils. Boom. Done. Store in a glass jar in a cool place.
You could make other variations of this same things by adding shea butter, bees wax, etc.

BONUS! I put this stuff on my lips and face, not just my pits.

Here’s what you’re missing out on when you use natural deodorant:
Aluminum – This is the primary ingredient in most stuff you’ll buy at the store. It’s a metal which has been linked to breast cancer in women and increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
Parabens – This synthetic preservative is found in many personal care products. The largest concern is that these chemicals will disrupt our delicate hormonal balance. Paraben exposure has also been linked to birth defects and organ toxicity.
Propylene glycol – This is a petroleum based material. In large quantities, studies have shown that this stuff can cause damage to the central nervous system, liver, and heart.
Phthalates – Another class of chemicals that have been linked to a variety of health issues including birth defects.
Triclsoan – This chemical is actually classified as a pesticide by the FDA and a probable carcinogen by the Environmental Protection Agency.

P.s. I used this stuff while moving furniture up and down 3 flights of stairs in 75 degree weather and I smelled fabulous afterwards.

Guest Post: On being a Mom to Curious George Fans

Some of us at the SB were curious as to what kiddie shows and movies are actually tolerable for parents. The young may specify early on their favorite shows, which might lead to powerless attempts to convince them otherwise. It’s commendable that some parents are willing to sit through an episode of Dora The Overbearing Explorer or The Littlest, Tiniest, Weeniest Petshop every single day. Luckily, our guest post writer Malorie M, proves that there are some shows within a child’s entertainment sphere that won’t cause the by-standing/self-sacrificing parent to develop a habitual migraine each time the opening credits play. 

My current occupation is “homemaker.” I’m not quite sure what that exactly means, but I have come to understand that many of my peers have been working at their occupation under the baptism-by-fire training program. I feel the same way. The CEO of Monson Estates, #KingJames, was recently granted a COO, #BuddhaBaby, to help with his reign. #KingJames has been running the estate for 2 years now. So far, the main complaint is early hours, even on the weekends. Continue reading


I’m not one for quoting lyrics. But I do really like lyrics, and a lot of the songs that I consider to be “favorites” have a little something to do with the lyrics themselves.

Ever since we received the new Xavier Rudd & the United Nations album it has been in our car cd player playing continually. To say I’ve heard the album from beginning to end 50 plus times would not be an exaggeration.

But the lyrics in his song “Hanalei” didn’t hit home until last week.

“can one man fight his demons
with another man holding him down

the trick about recognition
the trick about reconciliation

can a women birth creation
with a sister holding her down”

I’ve never thought of myself as a creative person. Not at all. In fact creative things make me anxious. I’m really good at telling myself that what ever I made is not good enough. Or so and so is so much better at it than me. That, and the pressure of what others will think of my creation.

I think I best express my creative side through my clothing. Which has caused comments like “oh, you’re wearing those shoes?” Which instead of making me feel small like it would have in high school, I have learned to embrace it and firmly say “Yeah! Aren’t they great!”

Also, why are all so mean to each other sometimes? I see a lot of ______ (fill in the blank) shaming all over social media and the internet and it’s disgusting.

So this is me on my very small soap box saying: lets all just be nice to each other and let each other create. And fight our demons. With out holding others down.

P.s. I love that he uses the word “birth” when referring to women and creating. Women were born to create. Whether it be creating children, creating art, creating friendships, creating what ever it is that you create. So go. Create. And don’t hold your sister (or brother) down. Lets all support each other and love each other, and respect each other and encourage each other to do what we love to do.

Sing Elliott Smith

In 2001 I was introduced to Elliott Smith’s music. It was through my Jr. high government teacher. He would let us take tests during lunch time with music if we wanted to. So naturally I always opted for that. I don’t know what it was about Elliott’s voice (well, I do but it’s too much to explain here) but he won me over as soon as he opened his mouth.

I loved his music all the way up until I left for college. I don’t know what it was, but as soon as I moved away to college it was hard for me to listen to his music. It might have been  my decision to start being happy and his music felt like it was bringing me down, or the fact that I was having lots of major life changes and my music was one of them.

Regardless, I lost touch with Elliott Smith for a few years. Until the summer of 2012 when Garrett was in Chicago for a month during our what felt like forever long engagement. While feeling sad late one night I put on The Royal Tenebaums, a go-to movie for me. That scene when “Needle in the Hay” comes on reminded me of Elliott all over again. So right then, at 3:30am I put on his album Roman Candle. And things felt right with world again.

Recently Seth Avett (of The Avett Brothers) and Jessica Lea Mayfield released an album titled Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliott Smith and it is dang good. Their voices mesh so well and they didn’t try to reinvent Elliotts songs. Take a listen for yourself:


Style Crush: Jumpsuits and Rompers

Anyone else in a romper and jumpsuit phase? I know some of you are because they’re every where! And they’re beautiful! And it’s hard to find one to fit a short person like me! Here are some of my favorites from around the web.


Via ace & jig



Via Free People


Via asos



Both via Zara


Via Nasty Gal

TMI: Fertility Awareness Method Part 1



I’m starting a new series on here called TMI (Too Much Info) for topics that a lot of us wonder or think about, but society has made it taboo to talk about or frankly we’re just too embarrassed to talk about.

So to start off with: Woman’s Fertility Awareness Part 1.

Did you know that most women between the ages of 12 and 25 don’t fully understand how their body works? They know they’re supposed to get their monthly, but do they know why this happens or the details behind it? Continue reading

Shop Update

The weaving’s we had up sold faster than we thought they would. But don’t worry! We just added more to the shop! See these and more here.

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